Are You Ready to Wreck IT?!!?!!!


How did you wake up today?

Are you stressed? Is your boss or co-worker working your last nerve? Do you have too much school work and virtual classes are a pain in the neck? Whatever is stressing you out Wreck it Rage Room LLC can help you relieve some of that stress.

By using a bat, sledgehammer, golf clubs, or even just a pen and a plate, you can shatter a variety of objects. How often have you wanted to break everything in the room? Well, now you can! Come out for a date night or party with friends. There are many packages available to suit everyone.

Let our Mobile Wreck It Rage Room come to you for your party or event for your convenience.

Have a business? Ask us about our business events. Help your employees let off a little steam and go back to work more relaxed.

Colleges !!! We will come to you and help your stressed-out students release some stress with a mobile event at your college or University.

Look at our great Mobile party services

Splash Room

Check out the new Mobile Splash Room. Just like the Rage Room you will be able to book splash room sessions in Raleigh and surrounding areas. Splash rooms can also be rented for parties, school event, company event and more.

Neon Splash

Have fun with neon paint under black lights. Create a glowing master piece to show off to your friend. Equipped with light sticks and a disco ball, add your own music and make it a real party.