Welcome to Wreck it Splash Room

We offer a relaxed, fun and exciting way for children to get outside. We want kids to have fun and relieve some of the stress they have had to deal with during this pandemic. This time has been stressful for everyone, especially our children. They have had to adjust to being home for a year and a half, virtual school, not seeing their friends or going to parties. We want the kids to have fun with all the necessary PPE to keep them safe. Throwing around paint, be it in a water balloon, a paint brush, or squirters will have your child laughing and having fun immediately. We have fun child friendly music and games for them play. The children will finish their paint session with a beautiful canvas they created themselves. Well, the canvas won't be the only painting they create. The white oversized T-shirt each child will wear will also be theirs to keep.

We strive to be inclusive of all children. We offer a quiet sensory room for children with autism who may not like the noise associated with the splash room. The quiet sensory rooms are available for events only. We can also offer a solo splash room for your child at your request for an extra fee.